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Teaching for Depth and Mastery

Depth of learning is the key measure of progress in the new National Curriculum. The government is proposing end of key stage assessments which include a mastery level. This means teaching and provision needs to help pupils to deeply understand curriculum content.

This one-day workshop will help you to:
• Understand the nature of progress in the new National Curriculum
• Understand the type of questions to ask and activities to prepare to help pupils to master the curriculum
• Frame questions and activities for deeper understanding
• Explore examples of mastery level questions and activities across the curriculum
• Explore the place of fluency and reasoning in reaching a mastery level in mathematics
• Understand which aspects of each subject best promote mastery
• Understand the difference between application and mastery of a concept
• Use coaching as a teaching method for deep learning.

Leave the day with:
• a clear understanding of depth and mastery
• a huge array of examples of questions that promote mastery
• an understanding of mastery in every curriculum area
• methods of teaching for mastery an understanding of how
to differentiate for depth and mastery.

Chris Quigley Education Ltd.
Speaker: Alex Bedford

Date: 20th October 2015
Cost: £140 pp – Includes refreshments and cold fork buffet.
Contact: Helen Sharp on 01480 375113 or hsharp@huntingdonprimary.cambs.sch.uk

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