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Continuous Provision in Years 1-6

HPS Development Centre is pleased to announce Alex Bedford will be delivering Continuous Provision in Years 1-6 on the 11th of October 2017.

Course Leader – Alex Bedford

Download the PDF: Continuous Provision in Years 1-6

Which parts of the National Curriculum could we help pupils to learn through continuous provision while making this not only manageable but also inspiring?
A mastery curriculum means that pupils repeat content many times, gradually deepening their understanding of the concepts and ideas. There is so much in the curriculum to cover never mind improve pupils’ depth.

How can this course help you?
This course will advance your understanding of how continuous provision can be used to improve pupil’s depth of understanding in all areas of the curriculum along with the nature of mastery learning. Receive guidance on lesson and weekly structures allowing for continuous provision.

Come away with age-appropriate continuous provision ideas designed to improve pupils’ outcomes in lessons along with ideas on how to organise the classroom and plan continuous provision with rigour.

£150 per person, including refreshments and cold fork buffet.
£250 for two people.

To reserve your place please contact:
Helen Sharp on 01480 375113 or e-mail: hsharp@huntingdonprimary.cambs.sch.uk

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