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Bin the SEF!

THURSDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2017 9:30am – 3:00pm

A new way to evaluate and improve practice

Essential Questions

  • How can school leaders gain a deep insight into the effectiveness of their school to amplify strengths and tackle limitations?
  • What are the ‘outcomes’ for pupils and ‘how-come’ they are as they are?
  • How can schools move away from Ofsted ‘grades’ to judge their effectiveness?
  • How can self-review help to create a coherent model of CPD?
  • Why is this course relevant or important?

Download the flyer – BIn the SEF!

The Ofsted framework is like (abolished) National Curriculum levels: over focused on ‘labelling’ and ‘grading’ rather than a diagnostic analysis of strengths and limitations.
Schools are searching for ways to develop a coherent CPD strategy in line with the new Government requirements which requires thorough self- evaluation.
When schools work in partnerships, CPD can be more strategic and targeted across the network.

What will I take away from the course?
You will gain an understanding of self-evaluation strategies using a system of Leadership Lenses and find out how to summarise key outcomes for pupils in their academic and personal development. Leave with examples of Chris Quigley’s Magic Quadrants™ that give clarity of where your strengths and limitations lie and the eight Leadership Lenses to help explain and improve your outcomes. Find methods of working in partnership with other schools to carry out peer reviews and work closely to challenge and support each other.

£150 per person, including refreshments and cold fork buffet.
£250 for two people.
To reserve your place please contact
Helen Sharp on 01480 375113
or e-mail hsharp@huntingdonprimary.cambs.sch.uk

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