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Learning Observations 2015

Learning Observations

A Chris Quigley Education Limited course being held here at Huntingdon Primary School on Tuesday 23rd June.

Download the flyer, which includes pricing and booking information:
HPS Learning Observations 2015

Alex will guide you through the process of:
• Making judgements about pupils’ learning and progress
• Discovering the reasons why learning and progress is as it is
• Collating your findings
• Giving constructive feedback to teachers
• Strategies for giving difficult feedback
• Creating a training plan based on your judgements

Alex will help you to define what progress in classrooms looks like. This is especially important without National Curriculum level descriptors.

Find out about:
• How to define and spot progress
• How to ensure observations of teaching are evaluative and not based on any one method of teaching
• The difference between lessons and learning
• Easy and quick ways to record and collate your findings
• The right sort of questions to ask pupils
• Chris Quigley Education’s latest software for learning observations

By the end of the day you should feel confident in the process of observing learning so that you:
• Find out about progress
• Explain why progress is as it is
• Help you to understand how to improve pupil progress

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